Conversation, Talk of the Town Carolyn Enz Hack copper, mica, steel, gold leaf 20x27x6” 2019
Conversation, Talk of the Town copper, mica, steel, gold leaf 20x27x6” 2019

I create fine art as a means to explore my interest in many subjects, implementing skills learned building theatrical scenery and from studio practice. My work is driven by a wide-ranging curiosity and a desire to make objects that explore interesting concepts whether societal, scientific, or philosophical. The intersection between lived experience and phenomena out of control of the individual is a concept that runs through my body of work regardless of media or style.

Art communicates through many channels. Allowing the concept of a piece to choose and shape the media in the service of an idea allows a freedom that cannot be achieved if few options are available to the artist. Media chosen for a particular piece has a fundamental feeling and meaning, acting as a baseline that supports the concept through the fabrication process and ultimately the finished piece.

“Enz Hack’s beguiling work perfectly accomplished it’s aim of disrupting the usual patterns of perception and offering an opening to a world beyond.” B Amore Sculpture magazine Dec 2017 – Change Your Mind at the Brattleboro Museum

“Carolyn Enz Hack’s powerful mixed media paintings also document a Vermont whose fortunes have ebbed and flowed through time.” Sheryl Trainor Art New England Sept/Oct 2016

Instagram @carolynenzhack



  1. Laura Arnesen

    Lovely to meet you and your husband at Sugarbush. Your work is amazing, good luck with the big project at Dartmouth Hitchcock!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I enjoyed our conversation.


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