Tangible/Intangible watercolor, graphite, ink, acrylic, colored pencil, paper 30x45x4” 2014
Tangible/Intangible watercolor, graphite, ink, acrylic, colored pencil, paper 30x45x4”

Carolyn Enz Hack is currently engaged in the Atelier Certificate program at the New York Studio School of Drawing and Painting in New York, graduating class of 2025. She previously received a BFA in theatrical design from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, and worked for many years in the theatre and film industry before moving to her current studio in Thetford Center, Vermont.

In keeping with her training in the theatre, she approaches fine art as an experiment with metaphor and media, regardless of subject, embracing tradition while engaging new materials and methods, looking for interesting outcomes to exploit for the current vision taking shape.

Her current work is about precariousness, the precarious nature of life in flawed bodies, flawed minds, flawed societies. The precariousness of our place in the universe and the edge where living things perch until their time is over, as well as our precarious understanding of how it all works in relation to ourselves, and how that understanding is forever subject to revision. These fundamental truths give no comfort but at least aren’t an unwelcome surprise.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and featured in many publications including Sculpture Magazine, So Vermont Arts & Living, Art New England, Northern Woodlands, New Hampshire Home, and New England Home. She is the recipient of two Vermont Arts Endowment Awards, a jury award from the 2016 Festival of Fine Arts Exhibition in Burlington, Vermont, and a painting merit award from the Chaffee Center for the Arts in Rutland, Vermont. She has received grants from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, the Vermont Arts Council, and the Vermont Studio Center. Her work is in many private collections as well as the Waskomium, the Hilton Garden Inn, the University of Vermont Medical Center and Tilley Clinic, all in Burlington, Vermont.

Contact:  follow me on Instagram @carolynenzhack

Sowing Good Will kozo paper, wire, acrylic paint, mirror 55x125x15"
Sowing Good Will kozo paper, wire, acrylic paint, mirror 55x125x15″

“Blazing across a gray stone wall, Hack’s piece “Sowing Good Will” surprises and pleases. A riot of chartreuse, yellow and orange, it lights the entire large room with its warmth. A closer look reveals how Hack created this suffusion of tendrils; how she made the paper live and escape from flatness. You should see it.”

“Carolyn Enz Hack has provided Rutland with a fine exhibit. With a quick look a viewer can appreciate the beauty of paper, pencil, paint and wire. But a careful gaze will show fundamental energy waiting to be released.”

Victoria Crain  August 28, 2014
Arts Correspondent | Rutland Herald

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