Building Crosscurrents

A video explaining Carolyn Enz Hack’s theory and process for making a copper and crystal sculpture based on a river landscape.

Eve’s Daughters face Carolyn Enz Hack mica, wire, copper, Swarovski crystal 31x15x15

Eve’s Daughters

I envisioned Eve’s Daughters taking shape in a crystalline form, using mica sheets as a structural element to create volume. The planes of mica give the effect of seeing multiple planes at once in ever-changing density and translucency when viewed from different perspectives. Within the piece are small copper silhouettes of female figures that catch the eye when the light and angle of viewing is right. They are dim predictions of potential. There are also three Swarovski sun prisms in the sculpture, positioned in the pelvis, solar plexus, and head. They are only visible with specific light conditions. The face…