Building Crosscurrents

A video explaining Carolyn Enz Hack’s theory and process for making a copper and crystal sculpture based on a river landscape.

Eve’s Daughters face Carolyn Enz Hack mica, wire, copper, Swarovski crystal 31x15x15

Eve’s Daughters

I envisioned Eve’s Daughters taking shape in a crystalline form, using mica sheets as a structural element to create volume. The planes of mica give the effect of seeing multiple planes at once in ever-changing density and translucency when viewed from different perspectives. Within the piece are small copper silhouettes of female figures that catch the eye when the light and angle of viewing is right. They are dim predictions of potential. There are also three Swarovski sun prisms in the sculpture, positioned in the pelvis, solar plexus, and head. They are only visible with specific light conditions. The face…


Our brains process information, regulate bodies, solve problems, and create a seamless flow from one experience to the next by continuously multitasking. Virtually all of this happens outside the stream of consciousness. “Brainstorming” is just bringing our attention to the power that we all have, but use so sparingly. The inspiration and form of this piece comes from the phenomenon of soliton waves. First described in 1834 by John Scott Russell as a “wave of translation” that he observed in a canal in Scotland. In mathematics and physics, a soliton is a self-reinforcing solitary wave that maintains its shape while…

Change Your Mind installation Brattleboro Museum of Art 2017 photo Josh Farr

Change Your Mind

  “Enz Hack’s beguiling work perfectly accomplished it’s aim of disrupting the usual patterns of perception and offering an opening to a world beyond.” B Amore Sculpture magazine Dec 2017     photos by Joshua Farr Process photos below the commentary Scale, Tornado, Creature, Comma, Fish, Consciousness. How are things held together? How is social cohesion accomplished? How do we examine our thoughts? How are we conscious of our thoughts? How can abstract thought lead to concrete objects? How are our thoughts held together? Why do things feel solid to us? What are emotions? Why does our nervous system run…

Encountering -The Space Between installation at Studio Place Arts

Encountering – The Space Between

Encountering – The Space Between   wire, wood, mica, felt, mylar, acrylic 115x54x18” 2016 Encountering – The Space Between  installed at the Carving Studio in West Rutland, Vermont installed at the Studio Place Arts Gallery in Barre, Vermont Them, Us & You Studio Place Arts International Exhibition While occupying a single earth, many generations of people have amplified their differences from others and the similarities within their own defined groups.  Rather than coalescing around the idea that “we’re all in this collectively,” these extreme “US,” not “THEM” perspectives are expressed in both radical and in socially-accepted ways.  This global, invitational exhibit involves…

Fossil mica, graphite, ink, paper 31x66x3” 2014

Sculptural Paintings

Net Gain acrylic, ink, colored pencil, wire, paper 31x24x1” Tangible/Intangible watercolor, graphite, ink, acrylic, colored pencil, paper 30x45x4” Fossil mica, graphite, ink, paper 31x66x3” Counter Encounter acrylic, ink, graphite, colored pencil, copper wire, paper 31x46x3” Brainstorm graphite, acrylic, wire, paper, 42×42” Bang graphite, acrylic, wire, paper 24x65x8” Interim paper, ink, graphite, pins 22x22x9” Child Bride paper, mixed media, wire 28x14x5″ Motion Commotion acrylic, ink, colored pencil, straight pins, paper 31x24x2” Medusa paper, mixed media, wire 22x57x10” I Hold You All acrylic, paper 24x31x2” Antigone paper, mixed media, wire 18x23x5”