"Outside In" by Garrett Hack in collaboration w/ Carolyn Enz Hack

Outside In

Outside In by Garrett Hack in collaboration w/ Carolyn Enz Hack 2017 Bill Truslow photo Outside In is a commissioned piece that Garrett and I spent many hours dreaming about. Our clients gave us free reign to create our best piece with a focus on Garrett’s exceptional ability to blend shockingly difficult engineering with forty years of practice in his craft. While we spent many an hour discussing design, once we had a path it was all Garrett’s ingenuity that brought the piece from mock-up through to the final tiny decorative details. Wood curves in all directions both outside and…

Outside In - open doors detail 2017

Collaborations with Garrett Hack

For more information on the furniture please see my blog posts or visit GarrettHack.com Reilly cabinets 2013 Port and Starboard 2012 Shrine Cabinet with faux verde antique marble 2003 Whiskey Cabinet faux malachite 2006 Duet music cabinet 2015 VaVaVienna 68x26x16″ 2011 Box of Blue blanket chest faux lapis lazuli Outside In 2017 Reilly Cabinet detail Shrine Cabinet detail Whiskey Cabinet detail real and faux malachite Duet drawer and paint details Outside In in my studio 2017 Duet interior paint detailsOutside In detail textured paint Port/Starboard paint detail Outside In interior detail