Building Crosscurrents

A video explaining Carolyn Enz Hack’s theory and process for making a copper and crystal sculpture based on a river landscape.

Change Your Mind installation Brattleboro Museum of Art 2017 photo Josh Farr

Change Your Mind

  “Enz Hack’s beguiling work perfectly accomplished it’s aim of disrupting the usual patterns of perception and offering an opening to a world beyond.” B Amore Sculpture magazine Dec 2017     photos by Joshua Farr Process photos below the commentary Scale, Tornado, Creature, Comma, Fish, Consciousness. How are things held together? How is social cohesion accomplished? How do we examine our thoughts? How are we conscious of our thoughts? How can abstract thought lead to concrete objects? How are our thoughts held together? Why do things feel solid to us? What are emotions? Why does our nervous system run…

a History of Water

The design of the piece has it’s roots in the river. The title is A History of Water. My inspiration is water from many viewpoints. The painted blue river in the piece is based on the topography of the Connecticut and Ompompanoosuc River confluence, but there are also references of a view into mountains that feed the river, the surface of a pond, clouds, droplets hanging, falling, and held in suspension, ripples, waves, and the abundance of life that springs from a body of water, it’s reflective quality as well as depth. Leonardo da Vinci spent much of his life…

Encountering -The Space Between installation at Studio Place Arts

Encountering – The Space Between

Encountering – The Space Between   wire, wood, mica, felt, mylar, acrylic 115x54x18” 2016 Encountering – The Space Between  installed at the Carving Studio in West Rutland, Vermont installed at the Studio Place Arts Gallery in Barre, Vermont Them, Us & You Studio Place Arts International Exhibition While occupying a single earth, many generations of people have amplified their differences from others and the similarities within their own defined groups.  Rather than coalescing around the idea that “we’re all in this collectively,” these extreme “US,” not “THEM” perspectives are expressed in both radical and in socially-accepted ways.  This global, invitational exhibit involves…