Paintings 2020

Dance Carolyn Enz Hack acrylic on linen 34x60”
Dance acrylic on linen 34×60” 2020
Upper Valley Audubon Riff Carolyn Enz Hack acrylic on linen 36x60”
Upper Valley Audubon Riff acrylic on linen 36×60” 2020

Upper Valley Audubon Riff was created to shine a spotlight on John James Audubon’s folio sheets that hang in permanent exhibition throughout the building where the painting will hang. Whenever I visit this institution, I admire the Audubon prints and the conservation movement that they inspired.

It is a rare opportunity to see Audubon’s work up close and I wonder how many people walking through the hallways really see these for what they are, a masterwork by an artist who faced huge obstacles in so eloquently documenting the abundance of avian species in North America. My painting brings the birds together as a guide to the treasure hunt. How many of original bird prints have you seen and where are they?

While my painting doesn’t show all the birds illustrated by Audubon that live in the Vermont/New Hampshire Upper Valley region, it’s a reminder to both look for the framed folio pages, and to notice the beauty of your natural surroundings when you leave the parking lot.