Eve’s Daughters mica, wire, copper, Swarovski crystal 31x15x15”

carolyn@carolynenzhack.com follow me on Instagram @carolynenzhack

My work is driven by a wide-ranging curiosity and a desire to make objects that explore interesting concepts whether societal, scientific, or philosophical. Ideas influence people and perhaps the ultimate work of an artist is to tap into the viewer’s psyche to conjure a transformative experience. I paint and draw but find many concepts more easily translated through sculpture. My chosen media: metal, mineral, and paint, allow for ample exploration of technique and design. Reflective or translucent materials appeal to me because I relate these qualities to the ethereal and ephemeral and I enjoy working with copper because it’s easily formed into interesting shapes, takes paint well, and the color and texture can be changed through patination.

“Enz Hack’s beguiling work perfectly accomplished it’s aim of disrupting the usual patterns of perception and offering an opening to a world beyond.” B Amore Sculpture magazine Dec 2017 – Change Your Mind at the Brattleboro Museum

“Carolyn Enz Hack’s powerful mixed media paintings also document a Vermont whose fortunes have ebbed and flowed through time.” Sheryl Trainor Art New England Sept/Oct 2016


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