Collaborations with Garrett Hack

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Reilly’s Cabinets 2013Reilly cabinets 2013

Port and Starboard 2012Port and Starboard 2012

Shrine Cabinet 2003  faux Verde Antique marbleShrine Cabinet with faux verde antique marble 2003

Whiskey Cabinet 2006Whiskey Cabinet faux malachite 2006

"Duet" music cabinet 2015Duet music cabinet 2015

VaVaVienna blogVaVaVienna 68x26x16″ 2011

"Box of Blue" Blanket Chest faux Lapis Lazuli woodworking by Garrett HackBox of Blue blanket chest faux lapis lazuli

"Outside In" by Garrett Hack in collaboration w/ Carolyn Enz Hack 2017Outside In 2017

Paired Cabinets 2015 detailReilly Cabinet detail

Shrine Cabinet DetailShrine Cabinet detail

Whiskey Cabinet 2006 detail real and faux malachiteWhiskey Cabinet detail real and faux malachite

"Duet" 2015 drawer and paint detailsDuet drawer and paint details

Outside In CEnzHack in my studio 2017Outside In in my studio 2017

"Duet" 2015 interior paint detailsDuet interior paint detailsOutside In - door textured paint 2017Outside In detail textured paint

Port/Starboard detail 2011Port/Starboard paint detail

"Outside In" by Garrett Hack in collaboration w/ Carolyn Enz HackOutside In interior detail