VaVa Vienna

VaVa Vienna 68Hx26Wx16″D   with Garrett Hack furniture maker   2011 available

This is the story of VaVa Vienna a cabinet that Garrett designed from inspiration that he brought back from a visit to the city of Vienna.

Working with your husband is a tricky thing and as an artist who likes to work pretty loosely with my materials it was frightening to have Garrett ask me to paint the front of a cabinet that would take months of flawless work from him before it even got to my studio. Garrett is known for his precision with hand tools and fastidious work with wood. I was reticent to paint this piece, but he insisted. This is as close to graffiti that I have gotten.

Let’s start with Garrett in his shop.

Garrett Hack in his shop

Garrett Hack in his shop

Notice all of the marking tools sitting on the bench. He is shaping one of the interior shelves that will act as a template to hold the exterior douglas fir staves in place to form the sides of the piece. Garrett is surprised that I’m photographing him.

Garrett and Tom with the carcass of VaVa Vienna

Garrett and Tom with the carcass of           VaVa Vienna

Garrett and Tom Latourelle with the case of the piece just fitted together without glue. They are checking all of the joints before committing. Tom works with Garrett some days but also creates his own work at his shop in Norwich, Vermont.

Garrett Hack in his shop

Garrett Hack in his shop

The case of VaVa Vienna is together and Garrett is working on a bead of rosewood trim. The curved doors are being made and once they are put on the cabinet it will be moved to my studio to be painted.