Sowing Good Will

Sowing Good Will hi tec kozo paper, wire, acrylic, mirror 55x125x15 2012

Sowing Good Will  wire, hi tec kozo paper, mixed media 55x124x15”

I began making what I call Sculptural Paintings while on a residency at the Vermont Studio Center in 2011. As I worked, my mind wandered to larger issues. The thought that came to me was in the form of a mathematical equation reflecting on how many acts of good it would take to counter an act of evil. The Evil Divided by Good series was the result of this work. Since the residency I have made many pieces of increasing complexity and scale using this method.

Sowing Good Will is a piece that sprang out of my experience in making models and scenery for the theatre and was the next iteration of my Sculptural Painting work. It is a joyful piece that lifts your spirits with exuberance. The piece is about the energetic dispersal that happens during any exchange between living beings. In this case it makes visual the ripples that radiate from the non-visual beauty that accompany kind acts or kind words.

photo by Lynn Barrett

photo Lynn Barrett

Great Hall Installation

Sowing Good Will installed at the Great Hall Art Space in Springfield, Vermont

Installation of "Sowing Good Will"

photo Lynn Barrett

#35 Sowing Good Will 1 model copy

first concept model for Sowing Good Will


second concept model for Sowing Good Will


Sowing Good Will in the studio before paint

Sowing Good Will Castleton Downtown Gallery 2014

Castleton Downtown Gallery, Rutland, VT 2014

Cambridge College The Mass Ave Gallery Cambridge, Ma 2014

The Massachusetts Avenue Gallery, Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA 2014